List of our Treatments

All treatments and procedures are carried out by  qualified professionals.  We have a wide variety to beauty treatments available to suit your needs – see our list below.

What We Do

Facial Treatments

Acne Scar Treatment

As low as $98 for 1 session. Unclog and purify pores, Reduce Skin inflammation & acne infection, restore skin’s pH balance, Balance sebum production and lighten post-acne scars.

Pelvic Floor Treatments

Back Diagnosis & Treatment

Our physiotherapy starts from $138 per session. Using technology RET and CET technology, we can penetrate energy into body tissue to improve tissue lymph circulation and metabolism with the effect of burning fat and reducing cellulite.

Pelvic Floor Treatment

Generally for mummies who are looking for postnatal recovery treatment, steps include Diastasis Recti, Tummy Sculping and Pelvic Restoration.

Slimming Treatments

Tummy Slimming

Our special slimming treatment that reduce tummy fats. You will get a tighter tummy with our non-invasive treatment that uses 3 methods during the session.
- Hand Massage
- Machine Support
- Masks Applications

Buttock Slimming

The only buttock treatment that you need to lose buttock fats and reduce cellulite around the area. Now you can confidently wear tight-fitting pants that look stunning and fabulous.

IPL Brightening
Lightwave Treatment

Skin Brightening Treatment

IPL works by emitting high-intensity pulses of light, encouraging your body’s collagen production and targeting patches of dark pigment in the dermis to restore your skin’s inner glow with no downtime. IPL smoothes the skin’s texture and produces a more even skin tone, with skin whitening and pore tightening capabilities.

Hair Removal Service

Our hair removal service starts from $68 that uses IPL hair removal devices that apply very gentle pulses of light to the hair root. We also offer a variety of services, like waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal, to help people remove the hair from their skin. We also provide aftercare to make sure your skin appears silky smooth.